About Us

Blaze Superstore > is Sydney’s original leader of streetwear and lifestyle apparel. Make no mistake we arent any make shift brick n motar store we are straight up online for your convienince without burning your back pocket.

Blaze Superstore is:

  • Known for setting sydney trends in street and urban fashion
  • A must-visit facebook destination for many of the world’s best artists, celebrities, DJs, Mcs and sports stars who want to know whats up in our SIN CITY
  • We stock / wear hot brands that are giants in street wear
  • The webstore is owned and run by detailed players of the sydney community with backgrounds in the 5 Elements of Hip Hop. There is updated facebook with seminars straight from the workshop bringing you live dj sets, interviews & Facebook only specials. :)
  • Blaze Superstore only accepts Australian Bank Transfer as payment. Paypal on request.